Friday the 13th!

Happy Friday the 13th!!

Today is the official release day for my book, Flashpoint, and I am beside myself with excitement! The launch went far better than I could have ever imagined, meaning that my sales chart didn’t flatline on Day One (woot!). For my number crunching writer friends out there who need stats just as much as oxygen, I had 47 preorders plus one return (haha, you’re not yet an author until you’ve gotten your first return! 😀 ), so 46 preorders total from February 23rd – March 13th. And I don’t even know all of them! Or even half of them! How cool is that? So my preorder saw about 2-3 books per day, not too shabby. This morning I also had my first two borrows through Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program.

In other wonderful book related news, this week I received my first round of Flashpoint paperback copies. There’s nothing quite like holding something you’ve worked so hard to create in your hands for the first time. The cover art looks phenomenal in print, thank you Heather for the wonderful work you did!! I think baby Belle (my wonderful ten-month old daughter) is a tad bit jealous of its fine glossy finish 😛 Don’t worry, I got the drool off the covers before any harm was done!

So enough about my writing. How about reading? Anyone reading anything good right now? I’m recovering from a pretty severe case of book commitment issues myself. The good man A.G. Riddle has been the key to pulling myself out of my little reader’s crisis. I’ve been eyeing his most recent book Departure for some time now, but finally took the plunge to give it a fair shot, and so far it’s gone far above and beyond my expectations. At the moment the book is ranked number one in the sub-genres of “technothrillers” and “time travel,” and it has 918 five star reviews. 918! If it keeps distracting me from my own writing like it has been, you can be sure it’ll have 919 five star reviews before the day is over! So check it out. It’s good. You’ll just have to take my word for it, because I’ve become such a fangirl after the last hundred pages or so, that anything I say about the plot and characters will just come out in a series of excited noises with maybe some jumping up and down and frantic hand waving. And baby Belle is napping, so… I probably shouldn’t go about raising the proper ruckus Departure rightly deserves!

Other books sitting at the tippy top of my To-Read Pile are (not in any particular order):
Meta by Tom Reynolds (YA superhero)
The First Ark: Deathless Prequel by Chris Fox (Isis, Osiris, Arks, oh my!)
I Bring the Fire Part I by C. Gockel (urban fantasy starring norse god Loki)
Mirrorfall by Grace McDermott (apparently if sci-fi and urban fantasy had a baby, this would be it)
The Prophecy (Bakkian Chronicles) by Jeffrey Poole (my 1st impression is maybe like The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, but for adults? We shall see…)
The Emperor’s Edge by Lindsay Buroker (steampunk fantasy)

So, that should keep me busy during, you know, all of my downtime between my “grown-up” job; our kitchen renovation; taking care of my baby, husband, and house; and writing books. All ten minutes of it 😀

What do you all have going on? Reading any good books? Making progress on any of your own writing? Send me a message, I love to meet new people! And if you don’t have time to chat, but do want to be notified when my next book is available, consider it done. You can sign up for my newsletter to the right and you’ll be one of the very first to know just as soon as my next book is ready to go! Don’t worry, I’m more of a marathon-pace writer (one of the slow ones) than a sprint-pace writer, so you’ll only get an email probably once every two months or so (if I’m feeling especially zippy and on target). Until then, if you haven’t already, you can check out my big debut, Flashpoint, here on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, you are awesome!