Happy Valentine’s Day!

So it’s February 14th again. I hope you all are doing something fun with your special someones, and if any of you don’t have a special someone, then I hope you are doing something crazy and fun for yourselves! Hubby’s been at work today, weekends at the beach are like weekdays for everywhere else, but he’ll be heading home shortly and then we’ll be hanging out with some good friends who stopped by through town. Can’t think of a better way to spend a beautiful Saturday 🙂

The Guardian Series is coming along nicely, Book One: Flash Point is in its final stages of editing and is still on track for a release date of March 15th. Book Two: Backdraft is tentatively scheduled for release April 15th, and Book Three: Incendiary is also tentatively scheduled for release May 15th. I’m having such a fun time writing these books, that I almost don’t want each one to end! Luckily, I’ve no shortage of action packed challenges to throw at my wonderful characters, so I’ll keep ’em coming.

I’m going to keep this one short today, but keep an eye out for future posts! I’ve got plans to release some exclusive character interviews, a few sneak peak chapters, and previews of the covers for the first three Guardian books, all coming very soon. Thanks for stopping by and keeping up with me, if you’d like to hear when I’ve got a new release coming out or when ARCs are available per-release, join my mailing list (to the right) and get in on the fun! Again, I’m not big on spam, so be assured your email and your time are both safe with me. Have a great Valentine’s Day!